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Here are a couple of pictures of Brandy late in 1992, the year we got her.

Lest we forget the bad corgi, also in 1992, shortly after we got her.

Don't you wish you could get that comfortable?  January, 1994.

We're always ready for a good roll on the floor.

Brandy was always a good sport about dressing up.  This is Halloween 1994.

Brandy used to sleep under Ian's bed.  She had a little stuffed doll-thing she couldn't go to bed without.
If you tried to take it away from her, well, you just shouldn't try to take it away from her.

A boy and his dog.  And Don Johnson isn't in this one.  November, 1994.


If this isn't Brandy's present, then it's nobody's present.  1994.


She had that cute paw thing going for her.  1995.