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With heavy hearts we have to say goodbye to our friend Bob.  (10/24/2015)
After a very difficult 2013 and a relaxed start to 2014, here are a few pictures of the last 17 months.  (5/26/2014)
Here are pictures from 2012, but we start with a look at the toys Caitlin, Mackenzie, and Victoria selected for Bob and Zoe.  (12/28/2012)
This update has pictures from summer and Halloween 2011.  There are also some videos of Bob and Zoe in their Halloween costumes.  (11/6/2011)
This is the worst I've ever been about posting new pictures.  Here are some from fall, winter, and early spring, plus a couple of videos.  (4/10/2011)
I make my excuses and finally post a few new pictures.  (8/15/2010)
This time we have a few video clips of the dogs and the things that make them happy.  Don't forget to check the Our Friend's Dogs page!  (3/21/2010)
Christmas 2009 has come and for once we give the dogs a break from the costume torture.  I finally figure out how to compress video clips and you can see Zoe and Bob in action.  (12/27/2009)
We've all been enjoying the fall, each in our own way.  Bob rolls, Zoe scavenges for grapes and tears up toys (well, that's a year-round occupation).  Before you know it it's Halloween and time for a new princess costume for Zoe.  (11/1/2009)
Some end of the summer pictures, including more of my attempts to capture Zoe's leaps when playing ball with Ian.  A few from our recent trip to California, more of Pat's flower pics, and what's Bob barking at now?  (9/13/2009)
Two and a half months worth of pictures in this gallery.  Spring time means Pat's bulbs are in bloom and the back yard is home to lots of beautiful flowers.  Bob rolls in the not-quite green grass and Zoe hunts bugs wherever she can find them.  Ian takes a lickin' and Venus and the Moon line up for a portrait.  Zoe gets a silly new toy and Bob enjoys an old one.  (5/31/2009)
It's time to come out of winter hibernation and put up some new pictures.  Come see the Christmas 2008 gingerbread house and Zoe with her antlers.  Bob makes himself at home in Ian's lap and Zoe leaps for joy at the thought of dinner.  Bob has another go at his arch enemy - water.  (3/15/2009)
Finally, a new gallery!  I hope the wait was worth it.  We see Bob and Zoe with their new toys, and Bob getting personal with Ian.  Here is proof that letting your husband go shopping with you is a bad thing (at least for the dogs).  Also proof that there is no end to the ways I can make Zoe feel sad and disappointed, but Bob just lets such things roll off his scaly back.  (11/16/2008)
There are just all kinds of great pictures in this gallery.  Bob has completed novice obedience class, and now that he knows "stay" we can finally get some pictures of him other than right in our faces. Or not.  Our son Ian completed school as well, but he's in college (click the link at the very top of the gallery page to jump right to his graduation pictures).  Zoe, who is always easy to photograph.  Mary Iwanski created a beautiful watercolor ACEO for us, we have a great horned owl living in the tree behind our house, and some pictures of Bob right after he was doing something cute.  (5/22/2008)
After going through some of our pre-digital age photographs of Brandy and Gozer, we've chosen a few to scan and post.  (4/27/2008)
Our Friend's Dogs (Etc.) We're starting a new gallery page of pictures of our friend's dogs and other pets.  This page replaces the Chutes and Ladders Tournament link at the top of the home page (which can still be found here).
Zoe finds joy in tearing the stuffing out of toys, so we make her a toy she can disembowel to her heart's content.  Bob starts obedience training, gets some practice in the park, then gets a bath after playing in the water from the hose.  (4/6/2008)
We have a new corgi in the house!  On March 1, 2008, we adopted a fluffy male Pembroke from a rescue group with local connections.  Please click here to have a look at Bob and read about how he came to be living with us.  Plus, as always, there are some great pictures of Zoe!  (3/8/2008)
This is a special treat.  What do you get when you cross a Welsh Corgi and a Rottweiler?  You get Pancho, who is too cute for words.  (2/17/2008)
We've just passed Valentine's Day (no pun intended) so I guess it's time to get up some pictures from Christmas.  Learn about our ginger bread house holiday tradition.  Like they say on MST3K, there's no tradition like a new tradition.  Plus, of course, more pictures of Zoe.  (2/17/2008)
We have restored Zoe's faith in us by replacing the bed in Ian's room, giving her someplace to sleep again.  And an ACEO inspires us to use a Santa hat to once again be mean to poor old Zoe.  (12/16/07)
It's Halloween again, and that must mean that we're going to torture Zoe by making her sit next to a pumpkin.  There's some more of those darn cute dog toy pictures as well.  (11/07/2007)
" " It's been awhile since we got new content up on the site, so we thought we'd celebrate the Fourth of July with some pictures of our dogs and the toys they loved to play with.  I loved to play with Brandy and her porcupine.  She's been the only dog so far who understood "fetch."  (07/04/2007)
Sometimes it's hard to go outside on a snowy day, especially Valentine's Day.  (02/23/2007)
Albuquerque set a record for one day snow fall on December 29th.  More snow just means more fun for Zoe.  Check it out here.  (01/02/2007)
Here are a bunch of pictures of Zoe taken from the summer through the end of 2006.  If dressing up your dog is a sin, then I guess we're going to Hell.  But there must be an exception for quotes from "Firefly."  (12/29/2006)
These are some pictures taken in the lead up to Christmas 2006, including our big snow storm, and creative ways to use fake antlers and Santa Claus to abuse our dogs.  (12/24/2006)
We've scanned some pictures of the dogs we had when we were kids.  Pat had a pure bred Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Geri Dog, from 1974 until 1987.  Stuart had a collie.  Click here to see some pictures of our first dogs.  See if you can spot Ian, Matthew, and Eric in the pictures.  (11/12/2006)

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On Saturday, August 5, 2006, our family was struck by a terrible blow when Gozer, the original bad corgi, died. She was over fourteen years old, and while showing some signs of her age, still ran and barked and played like a puppy (just for much shorter periods of time) right up until the end. She suffered a seizure which caused her to lose control of the back half of her body. In this emergency we couldn't get her to the vet's office which had cared for Brandy and Gozer since we got them in 1992; we had to quickly find another vet. As luck would have it, the animal hospital we went to is closer to our house and is staffed by a wonderful vet who is a student at the karate school where Ian and Stuart train. The vet began tests to determine the cause of the seizure, and while Gozer was going to have to stay overnight, we expected her to recover. However, within a couple of hours her heart gave out. The x-rays which had just been taken showed several suspicious masses, and we only then realized how sick Gozer had been. She never showed it and never complained. We love our new dog Zoe very much, but losing Brandy and now Gozer has left a huge hole in our lives. Thankfully we have Zoe and our friends to help fill it. A special thanks to the White's. Click here to see some pictures of Gozer.  (8/9/2006)
On May 18, 2006, we welcomed Zoe into our home. Click here picture to see more and learn a bit more about her.  (6/11/2006)
We recently bought a scanner, and we've started scanning in some of our older photos.  Here are a few more pictures, going back to 1992, when we first got Brandy and Gozer.  (12/24/2005)
On Tuesday, October 25, 2005, we were forced to have Brandy the big black dog put to sleep. She was nearly fourteen years old. The cancer in her body had spread, she had almost stopped eating, and she was just a hollow shell of herself. We would prefer to remember her as she was, and to that end, click here to see a small photo memorial to our late friend.  (10/30/2005)