Here are some lists.

Things we've pulled out of Zoe's mouth
          - live grasshoppers
          - dead grasshoppers
          - caterpillars (very large)
          - goat heads
          - cactus spines
          - praying mantis
          - a baby bird (just holding)
          - dead worms (lots)
          - chunks of bark, sticks, etc.
          - pine cones
          - Pat's inhaler
          - charcoal
          - Pat's slipper
          - paint stirrer
          - plastic bag
          - dead bird (she found it that way)
          - (this list has lots of room to grow)

Things Brandy ate so that Gozer couldn't
          - ice cubes
          - grapes
          - raw potato slices
          - broccoli
          - a cake and a bowl of foil-wrapped chocolates
          - an orange stuck full of cloves
          - dog biscuit Christmas ornament
          - sliced carrots

Things Brandy ate for the heck of it
          - cat poop
          - kitchen cabinets
          - landscaping
          - Ian's bed
          - books (as in ST-TNG, Q to Worf - "Eat any good books lately?"