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I guess since it's almost St. Patrick's Day I should put up pictures from last Christmas and other stuff.

This was Bob's first Christmas in our house, so we decided to use a little costume torture to make him feel welcome.

Of course we had a gingerbread house for 2008.  This one was pretty dull; no T-rex to massacre the reindeer.

Bob made himself right at home when Ian got down on the floor to open presents.  Come to think of it, Bob does that pretty much every time Ian sits down on the floor.
Sometimes Zoe takes advantage of Ian's being distracted to use his shoe to get a belly rub.

This was funny - Ian was giving Zoe some sugar and Bob decided he just couldn't let that happen without his glorious presence.

Sometimes Bob likes to have all the toys.  He makes sure he guards the door to our bedroom even when he's asleep.  In the winter when there are no dead earth worms to roll on he has to make due by rolling in the dead grass in the backyard.

Before we got Bob, Zoe was pretty relaxed about eating her meals.  She'd nibble at the food, wander away with the bowl half full, and sometimes we'd practically have to beg her to eat.  Now mealtime is one of the highlights of her day.  These pictures don't really capture the height of her leaps due to a slow camera and my slow finger.

She still does the cute thing with her chew toys.

Bob loves to chase the water when I'm spraying the hose.  Well, maybe some ancient corgi instinct compels him to chase it (Gozer did the same thing, Zoe and Brandy, not so much).  I'm not spraying him in the last picture, he's outside the fence (so he won't poop in the clover where we can't find it).

I'd promise to not take so long before my next update, but I'd hate to lie to you.