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Okay, no excuses.  It's been eight months since there were any new pictures so I'm way past due.  In my defense, I've been way busy at work (I just took two consecutive days off, the first time I've done that since 2009), but still.  Hope these are worth the wait.

I did have to paint the house trim last fall.  There were parts of that job that were a little scary.

 One day about the same time we had an unusual visitor in our front yard.  The roadrunner is the New Mexico state bird, and I've seen plenty of them in the foothills and other places near the outskirts of the city, but we seldom see them deep in the heart of the urban areas.  This guy came by to snack on the bugs in the flowers.  Unfortunately, he also snacked on the lizard who lived in the garden, who also liked to snack on the bugs.

One day the bed grew a tail.

Zoe and Bob wanted some attention, but Ian only had time for his phone (more on Bob and Ian below).

Pat carved another really great pumpkin for Halloween '10.  Bob was ready to lend a paw if needed.

Of course there was Christmas.  We didn't build a gingerbread house this year, but on the big day we were all ready for presents.  Pat gave me a great little video camera.  A couple of videos are posted below.

It's hard to tell who's winning.

As spring started to warm up, Bob's favorite thing is to roll in the dead Bermuda grass.  He's happy now, but he won't be when Pat starts to clean him up.

Bob's favorite game, however, is tug-of-war (see the dog toy video below).  And he gets reproachful if you don't get into it as much as he does.  So one Sunday a few weeks ago he and I were going at it with one of his rope toys, and suddenly there was this "pop" sound (Pat heard it from the kitchen sink).  Bob showed no reaction at all, but I stopped pulling immediately.  We took a look, and one of his upper front teeth had broken off!  Pat took him into the vet's the next day.  She said he'd probably be just fine, but she could extract the rest of the tooth if we wanted her to.  Bob's teeth needed a good cleaning anyway, which was going to require him to be anesthetized, so we had her go ahead.  He's just about all healed up now.  We still play tug-of-war, just a little more gently, and only after making sure he's got the toy behind his canines.

Bob has acquired a Hobbit name from this incident - Snarltooth Grumblefuk.  Tolkien would be proud.

Finally, here are a couple of videos from my new camera.  I'm trying to decide the best trade-off between file size and video quality, so these are kind of big files.  The first is Bob and Zoe playing with their Christmas toys, and the second shows just how much Bob loves Ian (and he's actually pretty sedate is this one!).