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We just downloaded the last two and a half month's worth of pictures off of the camera, so here are some for everyone to enjoy.  We start with some shots of the front yard after Pat's bulbs bloomed.

The last gallery had some pictures of Bob after he rolled in the not-yet-greened-up Bermuda grass.  Here are a couple more to show just how much he loves getting messy, plus Zoe intent on a bug.  This part of the grass is fenced off because I want to have some grass Bob and Zoe can't kill one pee at a time.

Here are a few more cute dog pictures.

We went to the store to buy some more dog food and right by the checkout they had some bins of clearance toys.  They had this mermaid dog which we thought was pretty funny, and we figured Zoe would like to tear it apart.  We were right.
Zoe has since removed the little bikini top from the merdog.  It turns out that merdogs stuff their tops.  Meanwhile Bob is still enjoying the "Heidi" toy Zoe took a pass on.

On the morning of April 22 2009 we saw a fascinating sight - the sliver of the Moon right next to Venus.  Pat got a good picture of it.

Zoe loves to hunt bugs, in Pat's ground cover flowers....
and in the clover patch.

Pat has some really beautiful flowers in the backyard
Shortly after the flowers were planted in mid-April.          The flowers in late May.          These strawberries were small but the best I've ever tasted!

Bob is very patient with us.

Zoe, not so much.  I had to grab her a couple of times as we tried to get these shots of her in front of our Bird of Paradise bush.

That's a bunch of pictures!  It would be easier to put up fewer pictures, but do it more often, but that is too logical, therefore I can't do it.  Sorry.