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Here are a few pictures from the end of the summer.
In late August we went out to Santa Clara, CA, to visit with Marcia, Matthew, and Mary.  One day coming back to Mary and Matthew's apartment, we spied an orbit spider hard at work in the landscaping in the parking lot (look closely).

By the next morning the wind had blown the web away, but it reminded me of the time an orbit spider built a web in front of our living room window.  Later in the same trip we went to Yosemite Valley to visit with about 15,000 of our closest friends.

It was nice to be in Yosemite again.  The last time I was there, I was a senior in high school (1977!) and it wasn't nearly so crowded.

Back home, Pat caught some nice pictures of a moth on her flowers.

A couple of weeks ago Bob ran upstairs and suddenly erupted into a fit of crazy barking.  Crazy barking is not unusual for Bob, but we couldn't figure out what would have started him this time.  This was it:

I had glued some foam mats to some plywood, and I needed to stack some heavy stuff on top of it all until the glue dried.  I guess Bob thought it was some short alien invader.  At least it's good to know he'll bark loud and long when he finds something he thinks shouldn't be in the house.

When Ian comes over for dinner on Friday nights, he always has to go outside and play with Zoe before he can leave.  Zoe is capable of some pretty fantastic leaps for the ball (just like she leaps for her food) and I tried to capture a few.

That's it for this time, hope you enjoyed!