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Once again, it has been quite a while since I've put anything up here.  We haven't been taking as many pictures, and I haven't been too motivated to put up any of the ones we've taken.  But now I must report that we've lost Bob to the gradual deterioration of old age.  He'd been slowing down for a while now, but he started having problems with his hips early this year.  This went from him walking not quite right with his right rear leg to him having basically no control over it.  The vet took x-rays and concluded that there were neurological issues coming into play due to pressure on his spine from the build up of calcified material between the vertebrae.  At the time this was mostly just affecting the use of the right rear leg, but she said other functions would become affected as well in the near future.  As the summer wore on, Bob started expressing more discomfort, despite Pat's best efforts and the pain killers the vet prescribed, and developed open sores on his dragging paw because I didn't get it well enough protected soon enough.  He started having good days and bad days, sometimes not seeming to recognize us, sleeping most of the time, and only a shadow of his former self, even at his best.  In late July we began using a harness to help him get around, especially in and out the door to go do his business.  In the end we were frequently having to carry him to different parts of the house or yard, where he was mobile enough to get settled where he wanted to be.  In the last four weeks of his life there were at least a half dozen times we were sure the kindest thing to do was to go to the vet's the next day and do what needed to be done, but the next morning he would seem bright and alert, and we'd change our minds.  We talked for hours and hours about it, wanting to do right by Bob.  Last Monday, October 19th, it was finally time, and our lives have had a huge hole ever since.  Zoe is here for us, but the house is way too quiet without Bob barking at every damn thing.

There are lots of good pictures of Bob in the earlier galleries on this site; just use the link at the bottom of the page to go back thru them.  Below are a few pictures that date from the last time I updated the website.

Wherever Pat was, Bob liked to be right there underfoot.  From September 2014:

Or he was under the furniture.  From October 2014:

Or under other furniture.  From January 2015:

He was still pretty much his old self in December 2014:

He still got excited when Ian came for dinner, he just couldn't express himself as well.  From October 2, 2015:

That's it for now.  Although Bob was in our lives for the least amount of time of all of our dogs (he was our friend for the last seven and a half of his fifteen and a quarter years) he will be missed just as much, because we needed him just a much as he needed us.