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The summer has wound down into Halloween.  Bob has been enjoying the grass in the back yard as it dries out.
He sure looks happy.  But then, he usually looks happy, especially when he's making a mess, or when he's trying to get us out of bed on the weekend when we're trying to sleep in.

I think Zoe is saying, "I don't know where this stuffing came from.  I certainly didn't pull it out of the toy."

We have an old grape vine next to the clover patch in the back yard.  Zoe likes to try and get some grapes, not so much to eat them, but because she likes to play keep-away when Pat tries to take them from her.

We got Zoe a new Halloween costume this year.  You remember how happy she gets when we dress her up.

One of her nicknames (one that can be put on a "G" rated webpage) is Princess, because it is clear from her attitude and behavior that she thinks we are all placed on this Earth to serve her.  So we decided that for Halloween
this year she could dress the part.
We also thought the costume was appropriate because Bob has no problem at all with his dragon costume.  For next year we're thinking of borrowing a Chihuahua in a knight costume to complete the story.  In case you weren't sure, Zoe really doesn't like being dressed up.  Can you tell?

We didn't make the K-9's stay in their costumes all night.  When it began to get dark we dressed them up.  Usually the littlest, cutest trick-or-treaters come just as it gets dark, and we have the dogs dressed and ready for them to see.  For some reason, the first little ghosts and goblins didn't come to our door until about a half hour after it really got dark, so we all had to sit and wait for them before the dogs could be released from their costume torment.
The first kids finally came to the door, the dogs looked cute, and then were finally released from Halloween hell.

Pat carved another great pumpkin this year.

That's all for now, I have to go shopping for elf and reindeer costumes for next time.