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Here are a few pictures from the summer, and Halloween videos at the bottom of the page.  Let's start with some general cute dog pictures.
Bob is just abnormally cute most of the time.  Zoe is abnormally limp most if the time, and sometimes it seems like she's not all there.  But Bob will always be there if there's food or if Ian is around.

Here's a short video of Bob chasing the laser pointer.  When we first got Bob, it seemed like he would chase the dot until his little heart exploded, if we let him.  Now he just goes back and forth a couple of times and calls it a day.

On a nearly full moon night in June we were admiring the orb, and checking out the surface through binoculars.  I thought, can I get a magnified shot by holding my point and shoot camera lens to the eye piece of the binoculars?  Considering that both the binoculars and the camera were being held by hand, the result wasn't too bad (as long as you don't look at the other nine shots I didn't post).

Here are some just plain nice pictures, the credit going to photographer Pat.

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of this year's Halloween pumpkin.
I didn't take any new pictures of the dogs in their Halloween costumes this year because everything is the same as before.  But we did take some video, and you can see just how happy Bob and Zoe are to be dressed up.  Bob actually is very content to be in costume.  Several times when the doorbell rang he pushed his way out to get pets and attention from the trick or treaters, and his costume got rave reviews.  The video is mostly Zoe sulking and glaring, and in total is almost 17 minutes long.  I broke it up into chunks to make the download more palatable.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll try to get the next update posted just after the holidays.