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It has been quite a while since I put any new pictures up, so there are going to be a bunch!

Let's just start with some general Zoe and Bob pictures to get warmed up.


We have a little patch of ground in the backyard where we occasionally plant vegetables, but most of the time it is just planted with clover.  Zoe loves it; it's a great place to hunt for grasshoppers or to just lay down and enjoy the day.

When Ian comes over for dinner Bob is just all over him.  If Ian sits on the floor Bob will crawl all over him, and is always ready with a toy.

Speaking of toys, Zoe is always ready to work the cute thing with a new ring.

She likes her new stuffed rhino, too.

You might have seen Zoe and the rhino, a little worse for wear, on Daily Dead Puppy.  I really like Daily Dead Puppy; just make sure you take your sense of humor if you go.

Bob gets new toys as well, and once playtime is over he goes full splat on the kitchen floor.  Gozer never really did that so we figure it must be a guy thing.

Bob loves to play in the water prior to getting a bath.  And before we got Bob, Zoe was pretty casual about eating her meals.  Now she gets pretty excited at dinner time.  She usually jumps a lot higher than you see here but I just miss it with the camera.

Okay, now for the fun stuff - torturing your dog with costumes!  This is why the husband shouldn't go shopping with the wife at Target before Halloween.  There's no telling what he'll insist on buying, especially if it is something that will embarrass the dogs.
I know, I'm just evil for making a dog so sad!  But then it was Bob's turn.
You can see Bob got into the whole snarly dragon thing.
When we first put the costume on Zoe she wouldn't move (it's the same when we put a doggie T-shirt on her).  She will eventually start walking around, but makes it very clear she is very disappointed in me for doing this to her.  Bob, on the other hand, didn't have a problem with the costume once he got over the initial snarling.  But then to Bob, snarling is just another way of saying, "I love you," kind of like barking.

Finally it was Halloween, and time to dress up for the kids.  First we tried the witch's hat, which was such a big hit with Zoe before.
Boy, Bob sure says "I love you" a lot.  (Just to be clear, Bob snarls a lot but doesn't bite.  He's a very loving little dog who just gets a little grumpy sometimes, which is why he and I get along just fine.)  Next it was time to try out the bat wings!
It was finally decided that Bob should be the dragon and Zoe the witch.  Unfortunately, while Bob quickly got comfortable in his role, Zoe removed her hat before we could get another picture and locked herself in her dressing room.

That's about it for this update.  I'll leave you with some beautiful pictures Pat took of our fall colors.

Until next time!