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We just got through another Christmas, but before we get to that, first a few pictures from the last several weeks.

This is Zoe's favorite position to sleep in, but usually she's against the back of the couch, not up against the backyard wall on a sunny day.  Anyway, anywhere she can rest her chin is a good spot for a cute picture pose.

Bob makes sure everyone knows just who is the master of the ring.

Both dogs think of Ian as their own, and make themselves comfortable.  There are some video clips below showing more on that subject.

I know that last time I said I had to go shopping for elf and reindeer costumes, but it just didn't happen.  In fact, we didn't make a gingerbread house this year, either.  It seemed like there was so much going on, even though we don't have much to show for it.  At least Bob makes the Christmas tree look good.


Now for
some video clips!  These are taken with our still image digital camera, and there is no sound, but at lease they will show that Zoe and Bob aren't just poseable stuffed doggie dolls!

Bob usually makes himself right at home, but sometimes when Zoe has the bone, Bob would rather get it away from her than sit with Ian.

Bob is like a present we get to open every day!  (Okay, maybe I've had a little too much eggnog.)

That's it for now.  I'll try to do more video clips in the future.  I especially want to show Zoe and some of her fantastic leaps that I've only been able to show is stills up to now.