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Here it is just after Christmas 2012, and I haven't put up pictures for over a year.  No excuses, just lazy.
Bob and Zoe had a pretty good Christmas this year.  Our friends Caitlin, Mackenzie, and Victoria gave them a wonderful toy selection.  Their mother told me that the discussion in the store between the girls as to which toys Bob would like the best was long and intense.  Well, Bob likes anything he can play tug-of-war with, so he immediately went for the candy cane rope (which was actually used in the toy selection as the handle of the package!).  Zoe likes anything she can chew on, get a hole in, and pull the stuffing out of, so she went for Santa.
Of course, being a chewer, Zoe also likes the squeaky toys, and she also took a shine to the rubber candy cane.
There are several more toys in the package for later in the new year, but we always have Bob as our little present under the tree.

In February, we took this picture along the bike path where we often walk the dogs.  You are looking at the west side of the Sandia Mountains.  The Sandia's boast a "world famous" aerial tramway, with what used to be the longest suspended cable way in the world.  If you look straight up from the sign pole on the left edge of the picture, midway up the mountain you can see the upper of the two cable support towers, and you can see the cable stretching to the right, up to the crest of the mountain.  The shiny dot you can see part way along the cable is one of the tram cars.

Bob loves it when Ian comes over for dinner, and when Ian sits on the floor, Bob makes himself right at home.

Here are a couple of pictures of Pat's flowers in May,

and then in June the sleepy dogs were enjoying the sunshine in the back yard.

Pat got some nice sunrise pictures in July.

In August we went up to the Santa Fe Indian Market.  I could post pictures of the rows and rows of incredible Indian art, or of the unbelievable sea of interestingly dressed people who show up to see and be seen, but I decided to post this picture of a pigeon thumbing his beak (flipping his bird?) at the efforts of the building owner to keep his kind from roosting on the parapet.

After that ordeal we just relaxed in the living room.

You can tell when it's almost dinner time.  Bob will be right there to remind you.

That finally brings us to Halloween, our last big picture event before Christmas.  Pat once again did a masterful job of pumpkin carving, as seen from outside the living room window.

That's it for now.