Halloween is not Zoe's favorite day of the year.  It's not that she doesn't like seeing the kids when they come for candy.  Barking at the doorbell is always fun.  It's just that darn pumpkin.  Why does Mom insist on making me sit next to it, she asks.  It happens every year.

Just how much do you suppose Zoe doesn't want to be sitting next to that pumpkin?  Pat kept having to slide her over to it, then jump back to try and snap the picture before Zoe crept away.

Zoe says, I really would prefer not to wear this stupid pumpkin mask.

Pat has become quite proficient at pumpkin carving.  Zoe is only feigning interest in the pumpkin.  She's really just mad that we moved the couch away from the window so that she can't see out.

Can you see Zoe in the first picture?  Every once in a while Zoe rolls onto her back and plays with her toys.  My theory is that she doesn't really like playing with them that way.  I think she realizes that we think it's so damn cute, and she might score a treat as a result.