Here are a bunch of pictures of Zoe from 2006.  We had gotten this soccer ball for Ian when he was much younger, and it turned into a perfect, if short lived, dog toy.  Zoe also has one spot in the grass where she'll take her prizes (twigs, dead grasshoppers, etc.) to dissect and then roll on.  We went for a few walks in the foothills east of Albuquerque, which she seems to enjoy.


Under our bed and on the living room couch are two of Zoe's favorite places.  We found further ways to abuse her at Halloween, and with a doggie t-shirt with a very appropriate (for Zoe) line from "Firefly," the best show ever to grace a television set (I didn't make the connection when I suggested that her name should be Zoe).  More evidence that Zoe doesn't like to pose for the camera, and finally proving just how much she can be in the way while Pat is trying to prepare X-mas dinner.