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Zoe loves stuffed toys.  Actually, what she likes to do is chew a small hole into the toy, then remove the stuffing, bit by bit.  But it's not so much of a challenge if she can get all the stuffing through one hole.  I thought, what if I take some scrap cloth and some new polyfil batting and make a toy with a bunch of compartments.  That ought to take a little longer to completely disembowel.



This is all great fun!  And just look at the mess she can make!


Fortunately Zoe is happy just tearing up the toy and ripping out the stuffing; she doesn't ever try to eat any of it.  Bob likes stuffed toys as well, but we really have to keep an eye on him.  He just might try to eat the things.


Did I mention that it's hard to get candid or action pictures of Bob?


When he's tired it's a little easier.


You might have noticed that in some of these pictures Bob has one paw wrapped up in tape.  We walked a little too far one day.  When he started getting tired, Bob started dragging his paws a little bit.  This caused one claw to wear through to the quick and bleed a little bit (the same thing happened to Gozer a couple of times during her last couple of years).  We didn't want Bob to keep licking his foot, so some gauze and cloth tape did the trick.

With Zoe, it's all about finding the right spot.


We started Bob at Acoma Training Center last week.  This time Stuart gets to go through the training with him (Pat trained all our previous dogs).  Novice class is one hour, one evening a week for eight weeks.  Bob gets ten or fifteen minutes of practice (heel, sit, stay, etc.) on short walks in front of our house a couple of times a day, and he is not loving this.  Walking on leash is a new concept for him, and he can't figure out why he has obey commands.  He's easily distracted because the gate to the backyard is right there, and why can't we just go home?  So we decided to take him to the park for a change of scenery.  He did much better.  Pat walked Zoe while Stuart worked with Bob.  Pat says Bob looks really good from a distance.


When we got home, it was bath time!  Since it was Bob's first bath (at least with us) we decided it was worth a few pictures.  But first, a little fun with the hose.


This is how we used to bathe Brandy and Gozer.  Brandy would endure her bath while Gozer chased the water from the hose and barked like a crazy dog.  Now it's the same with Zoe and Bob.  Zoe has always tolerated getting bathed because she just loves it when Pat towels her off.


In case you're wondering, that is a little bit of a snarl.  Meagan said Bob was kind of "mouthy," and she wasn't kidding.  He has something to say about everything.


We'll post some more training photos soon.  Corgis from
Second Chance Rescue Farm can now be seen on Petfinder.com.  Look under Welsh Corgi for some really good dogs who need good homes.