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We have lots of photographs in photo albums, from back in the dark ages when we took pictures on film instead of memory cards.  The pictures which don't end up in the albums, or those we never got around to sorting, wind up in boxes.  Pat was going through some of these a couple of weeks ago and picked out some good photos of Brandy and Gozer to scan and post.  You can see some of our other scanned dog photos here.

Brandy guards a Christmas package in 2001.  Ian and the dogs are all dressed up for Halloween, probably in 1993.  That's the same pumpkin mask which shows up in other, more recent pictures.  Gozer tries on Brandy's bone suit.  She looks thrilled.

Just about anything Gozer did was cute.  She put up with with the things we did to her because she knew it just enhanced the cuteness.

Even as a puppy new to the household she knew she had the cute thing down.

Brandy had a cyst under her jaw on one side.  It grew to be pretty big, and the vet had to do surgery to drain it and make sure it wasn't anything more serious.  It made Brandy miserable, but the way she was wrapped up in bandages looked really funny.  She had that look of a stereotypical Eastern European peasant woman, with her head all wrapped up in a scarf as she toiled in the fields.  She had to be given pills for awhile after the surgery.  Covered in a little peanut butter, she gobbled them right down.  Of course Gozer had to have a bit of peanut butter, too.

A boy and his dog.