We had a huge (huge for New Mexico) snow fall right at the end of December 2006.  This was the second snow storm in just over a week, and show fell for about 34 or more hours straight on Dec. 29 and 30, following a light dusting the night of Dec. 28.  We had somewhere between 14" and 16" at our house, and we set a record for one day snowfall at the Albuquerque airport.

The morning of Dec. 29 dawned with a beautiful dusting of snow, but there was more already falling.

The next morning, Dec. 30, looked like this.  And it was still falling (until the middle of the afternoon).  The snow on Ian's car is just what fell from about 7 pm on the 29th.
To Zoe, it was all just good fun.  So many snow balls to kill, so little time.


We don't have a video camera, but I finally remembered that our digital camera can capture several seconds of low resolution video.  The following are some clips of Zoe bouncing around in the snow.  The files are kind of big; I haven't figured out how to do good compression and conversion to a more convenient format.
It stopped snowing the afternoon of the 30th, but the sky remained completely overcast.  The morning of the 31st dawned with a completely cloudless sky, and Pat got these pictures.  It was like we'd been delivered from the evil snow gods.