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Bob completed the novice class at Acoma Training Center this week.  He did really well; stays were his best thing.  Sometimes he got a little freaked out by all the other dogs and owners walking around in circles with him, and he was always really tired when we got home (a big plus for Pat and I).  I think the classes helped Bob get in touch with his inner dog.

                             This is what half way to a sit looks like.                    

The end of class was the best, because that's when Bob got to go see Pat.


We've met and corresponded with a number of wonderful artists through our collecting of ACEO art.  Mary A. Iwanski is another of these very talented artists.  She saw one of the pictures of Bob we posted in an earlier gallery and decided to create a watercolor version for us.  We're very grateful that so many people find Bob as charming as we do.  Mary, thank you so much.

How about a few more pictures of Bob?


And how about a few of Zoe?


It's a lot easier to get pictures of Zoe.  She doesn't jump up when she hears the whir of the camera being turned on, she just keeps on sleeping.  That is, unless she's doing her most important job, keeping watch for cats from the living room window.  We had to use Bob's newly acquired ability to stay on command to get some pictures of him doing something other than running up to me saying, "Hey, is that a camera?  Take my picture, take my picture!"


I have a whole bunch of pictures of Bob, taken right after he was doing something cute.  When he hears the camera autofocus, he stops what he's doing, runs up to me and says,
"Hey, is that a camera?  Take my picture, take my picture!"


On the left, Zoe and Bob were sleeping under our feet in front of the couch while we were watching a DVD.  Bob had his head tucked right up to Zoe's butt, so that her tail was draped across his head.  I snuck off to get the camera, turning it on and setting the zoom in the other room.  He hadn't moved when I got back, but when the camera made that little autofocus click right before the image snapped, he moved.  On the right, he had been lying down at the top of the stairs while Pat was upstairs.  From the bottom of the stairs I could only see the tips of his ears.  Same process as before, he was still there when I pointed the camera, but at the sound of the autofocus right before the shutter snapped, he moved.  If I were to publish a book of pictures of Bob, that would be a great title, "He Moved."

The backyard of the house behind our house has some very large trees.  Over the years we've seen some interesting and unusual (for the middle of a high desert city) birds in these trees.  We've seen woodpeckers and several years ago we saw a couple of large hawks; we were never able to determine exactly what kind.  The past week or so the tree has become the residence of what we are pretty sure is a great horned owl.  Here are a couple of pictures, taken with my camera's maximum zoom.  I put the full resolution image on the server; you'll have to zoom in on the image to see the owl.  It's pretty much in the center of each image.


Finally, but certainly not least important, congratulations to our son, Ian.  He graduated from the University of New Mexico on May 17th, 2008, with a dual major of criminology and professional writing.  He is going to continue his education this coming fall, working toward a Master's degree in computer science.  We are extremely proud of Ian and all of his accomplishments.

         Once again, the very best zoom my little camera will do.                              

A boy and his dog.