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Our dogs aren't the only good dogs around.  Our friends have some pretty good dogs (and other pets and family friends) too.  Pancho the corgweiler gave us the idea that the world deserves to see these dogs, etc. too, so we've started this new page to give them their fifteen minutes of fame (or longer, as long as I have a web host).  Pancho and Harold, our first stars, are at the top, and we'll continue to add more entries below as they come in.

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This is Harold.  He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who lives with Ruth and Andy Sutcliffe in Leicester, England.  Harold is not too fond of the neighborhood cat, Cleo.  Ruth is an artist who creates wonderful paintings of animals and small children.  (4/6/08)

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Harold passed away peacefully on April 15, 2008. We'll miss you, Harold.

Ruth and Andy have a new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy!  His name is Biggles, and he's 13 weeks old in this picture.  (4/27/08)

These are more pictures from Kerstin Gonzalez.  At the top are Snoopy (who gets really excited by food) and Homer (sadly, no longer with us, but as thrilled with Santa hats as Zoe).  Below are older and more recent pictures of Minky, one very, very lucky shih-tzu.  (4/12/08)
Paris and Nicky    Paris
Paris and Nicky
These are Matthew and Mary Bell's parakeets, Paris (yellow) and Nicky (blue).  Hey Matthew, congratulations on getting tenure!  (4/12/08)
Mary and Matthew got a puppy!  (3/21/10)

Ruth Sutcliffe sent us another picture of Biggles the 
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She also included a picture of Bertie, her grandchildren's spaniel puppy.  Bertie and Biggles, I bet those two are going to be quite a pair.  We're looking forward to seeing them grow up to be active, happy dogs.  (6/14/08)

A couple of new pictures (okay, a couple of months old - I'm way behind) of Biggles from Ruth Sutcliffe.  How could anyone say no to that?  (9/25/08)

This is a picture of Wendy Gaffaney's Min Pin puppy named Dora, as in "Dora the Explorer."  She's three months old.  You might remember Wendy from the wonderful ACEO she painted which reminded us of Zoe last Christmas.  (9/28/08).

Biggles updates from Ruth Sutcliffe!  On the left is Biggles playing in the snow on Feb. 5th.  On the right Biggles has had his first clip and grooming.  I don't think he looks very happy about it!  (3/15/09)

Sparky (the dog) was Nan Segro's tax day find.  Nan was looking for a new companion and she filled out her return with Sparky.  No word on how Charlie the cat feels about the situation.  Nan is another of our eBay artist friends (silverings).  (5/3/09)

Another Biggles updates from Ruth Sutcliffe - here we see Biggles enjoying some fall weather in the garden.  Cheer up, Biggles, Christmas is coming!  (11/1/09)

Mary and Matthew Bell have adopted a puppy!  He's a Coton de Tulear named Murry (from the "Mary Tyler Moore" TV show).  Congratulations, you guys!  (3/21/10)

Here are a couple of newer pictures of Mary and Matthew's dog Murry.  In the first he's enjoying "The Wizard of Oz."  In the second, he just got smarter.  You know, he just went to the vet's and got tutored!  (Props to "The Far Side."  (4/10/11)