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Here are some pictures from shortly before Christmas 2006 (mostly).  Zoe isn't one for posing for the camera, and she usually needs a little help.  Pat put the reindeer antlers on Zoe, and she went into her usual mode of, "What have I done to deserve this?"  On Tuesday afternoon and evening, 12/19/06, we had a lot of snow (a lot for Albuquerque, probably 7" - 8" at our house).  We're not sure if Zoe has ever seen snow before.  However, she discovered she loves snowballs.  She and Ian spent 45 minutes playing in the dark, chasing snowballs, attacking and eating them (Zoe, not Ian).  We took Zoe to see Santa Claus the previous weekend.  Nothing we did could make her perk up her ears.  She kept trying to sort of melt out of his arms.  We have a history of using Santa Claus to abuse our dogs.  The pictures of Gozer and Brandy are from Christmas 1994.  Note that it was an equal opportunity Santa Claus.

Ian and Zoe in front of our new, prelit artifical tree (on sale at Lowes!)          Doesn't she look like Max from the Grinch?          Let the abuse begin         Okay, we'll stop beating the dog with the antlers

The sky is falling!                              

The picture of Zoe with Santa was taken by Pick of the Pound, with money going to their spay/neuter program.