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While Ian was living at the dorm, his bed was still in his room at our house.  Of course, it became Zoe's bed by default, at least to sleep on during the day.  When Ian moved into his own apartment earlier this year, he took his bed with him.  Zoe was crushed (she got over it, but was still deeply scarred).  A couple of months ago we pulled up the carpet in Ian's old room and refinished the floor.  We put Ian's old bed (from before he grew to be over six feet tall) back into the room and got a mattress set so we could have a guest room if need be.  Zoe was ecstatic.  She helped herself to the bed even while Pat was trying out the new mattress.

The bed, by the way, was originally Stuart's and Stuart's father's before it was Ian's, and matches the dresser and desk in the bedroom.
Pat has been collecting ACEO artwork on eBay for some time now, and Stuart has recently bid on a few as well.  ACEO's are original paintings 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" and come in an absolutely amazing variety of subjects.  Stuart won a recent auction for an ACEO of a dog which looks almost exactly like Zoe, painted by a wonderful artist named Wendy Gaffaney.  We got a Santa hat for Zoe so we could show Wendy, and she provided us with a copyrighted image of the ACEO and her kind permission so that we could post the picture here.

The small painting in this image is copyright 2007 by Wendy Gaffaney, no reproduction without her express permission.          Image copyright 2007 by Wendy Gaffaney, no reproduction without her express permission.

I think Wendy's dog is happier than ours.  Check out Wendy Gaffaney on eBay by doing a search on seller ID art_by_wendy.

Of course, with Zoe you never get the picture you want in one shot.

And it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't make Zoe wear the Santa hat for more pictures.  We even made her wear the hat during an entire walk.  We'll probably get lumps of coal in our stockings, we're so mean to this poor dog.

Santa sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake.


And Ian thoughtfully provided Zoe with a Christmas stocking.

Here's wishing everyone Happy Holidays!